Unseen Passage For Class 10 With Questions And Answers PDF

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Unseen Passage For Class 10 With Questions And Answers PDF

Table of Contents

Unseen Passage For Class 10 CBSE – Passage 1

A chimpanzee is one of the great apes and the closest in intelligence to man. Scientists have examined his mental capabilities and sent him into space before man. Chimpanzees need little description. Being apes and not monkeys, they do not have a tail. Their arms are longer than their legs and they are normally placed on all fours. They may also walk upright with their toes pointed out. When erect, they are 3 to 5 feet tall. The hair is long and coarse, black except for a white patch near the rump. The face, ears, hands, and feet are bare and, except for the black face, the flesh is colored.

Chimpanzees show great concern for others. When chimpanzees meet after being separated, they greet each other in a very human way by touching or even shaking hands. Chimpanzees have amazing social discipline. When a dominant male arrives, the rest of the chimpanzees rush to pay their respects. The dominant male is not allowed to take food from his inferiors. Group members also spend a considerable amount of time grooming each other and themselves. Mothers check their babies’ fur for foreign particles, dirt, and ticks, and help each other when they get hurt.

Chimpanzees are the best tool users besides man. Sticks 2 to 3 feet long are picked up from the ground or branches of the baalnfnjai and pushed into the nests, then removed and licked for honey or insects. The stones are nuts and ttecacfc or as projectiles to keep humans and baboons away from their food. Chimpanzees are not only tool makers, but also tool makers. They make their own sticks by plucking the leaves off a twig or ripping them to pieces. Chimpanzees learn all of this by watching how older chimpanzees make and use them. So, man is not easy to make tools, he is simply better than his relatives.

Unseen Passage With Questions And Answers Class 10 (Passage 1):

Question: (a) Chimpanzees are as_______ as men.

Answer: (a) intelligent.

Question: (b) Chimpanzees greet each other by_______ each other.

Answer: (b) touching.

Question: (c) Like man, chimpanzees are_______

Answer: (c) both tool users and toolmakers.

Question: (d) Chimpanzees_______ tails.

Answer: (d) have no.

Question: (e) Baby chimpanzees learn, all by _

Answer: (e) observing the older chimpanzees.

Question: (f) Chimpanzees have amazing _

Answer: (f) social discipline.

Question: (g) The dominant male chimpanzees is not allowed _

Answer: (g) to take food from inferiors.

Question: (h) The word ‘wrest’ means_______

Answer: (h) take away violently.

Unseen Passage For Class 10 CBSE – Passage 2

Once a man saw three masons together with some workers building a temple. He observed the masons for three days and discovered that although all three were doing the same type of work, there was a marked difference in the approach to their work.

He saw that the first mason was late for his work, did his work half-heartedly and slowly, enjoyed a longer respite, frequently checked his wristwatch, and left work early.

The second mason was very punctual in arrival and departure, and he carried out his work methodically. The third mason, however, arrived early, had little rest in between, and often worked overtime.

The man was naturally curious and wanted to know the perspective of the three masons on his work. He asked what they were doing. The first mason hit his big belly with his hand and said, “I am earning food for myself.” The second said: “I am building a building.” The third mason looked at the huge building and said, “I am building the house of God.

Unseen Passage With Questions And Answers Class 10 (Passage 2):

Question: (a) What were the three masons doing ?

Answers: (a) constructing a temple

Question: (b) For how long did ‘a man’ observe them ?

Answers: (b) three days

Question: (c) What made the man curious ?

Answers: (c) the different approach of the three masons towards their job

Question: (d) How did the first mason do his job ?

Answers: (d) reported late/ did his work half-heartedly and sluggishly/ enjoyed a longer respite/ left the work before time

Question: (e) What was the second mason’s approach towards his job ?

Answers: (e) punctual in arriving and leaving/ did his work methodically

Question: (f) How did the third mason view his job ?

Answers: (f) as if he is building the house of God

Question: (g) With whom among these can you associate the phrase ‘work is worship’ ?

Answers: (g) the third mason

Question: (h) Which word in the passage means ‘working lazily’ ? (para 2)

Answers: (h) sluggishly

Question: (i) Which word in the passage means the opposite of ‘carelessly’ ? (para 3)

Answers: (i) methodically

Unseen Passage For Class 10 CBSE – Passage 3

A sparrow is a small bird found all over the world. There are many different species of sparrows. Sparrows are only four to six inches long. Many people appreciate your beautiful song. Sparrows prefer to build their nests in low places, usually on the ground, tufts of grass, low trees and low bushes. In cities they build their nests in the corners or hollows of buildings. They rarely build their nests in high places. They build their nests with twigs, grasses and vegetable fibers. Their nests are usually small, well-built structures.

Female house sparrows lay four to six eggs at a time. The eggs are white with reddish-brown spots. They hatch between eleven and fourteen days. Both male and female parents care for the young. The insects feed on the young after hatching. The large feet of sparrows are used for scraping seeds. Adult sparrows eat mainly seeds. Sparrows can be found almost everywhere, where there are humans. Many people around the world enjoy these beautiful birds.

Sparrows are one of the few birds that bathe in sand. Sparrows first make a hole in the ground with their feet, then lie down in it and blow dirt or sand over their bodies with gusts of wind. They also bathe in water, or in dry or melted snow. The water bath is similar to the dust bath, with the sparrow standing in shallow water and shaking the water onto its back with its wings, also sticking its head underwater. Both activities are social, involving up to a hundred birds at a time, followed by preening and sometimes group singing.

Unseen Passage With Questions And Answers Class 10 (Passage 3):

  • Question: (a) The chief food for the adult sparrow is _
    • Answer: (a) seeds.
  • Question: (b) Sparrows live wherever _
    • Answer: (b) there are humans.
  • Question: (c) The word, ‘species’ means_________
    • Answer: (c) kinds.
  • Question: (d) Sparrows in high places._
    • Answer: (d) rarely build their nests in high places.
  • Question: (e) _ take care of the young sparrows.
    • Answer: (e) Both parents.
  • Question: (f) Sparrows take bathe in _
    • Answer: (f) dust, water Or snow.
  • Question: (g) Bathing for the sparrows is a _
    • Answer: (g) social activity.
  • Question: (h) Bathing is followed by_________ and_________
    • Answer: (h) preening and group singing.

Unseen Passage For Class 10 CBSE – Passage 4

If you’re addicted to coffee and doctors are warning you to kick the habit, don’t worry and keep savoring your drink, because it’s not so bad after all! In fact, according to a new study, steaming cup of Java may outperform fruits and vegetables as the top source of antioxidants. Some studies claim that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet, and both caffeinated and decaf versions appear to provide similar levels of antioxidants.

Antioxidants in general have been linked to a number of potential health benefits, including protection against heart disease and cancer. But Sandra Vinson, a dietitian, said their benefits ultimately depend on how they’re absorbed and used in the body. Research says that coffee outperforms popular sources of antioxidants like tea, milk, chocolate, and blueberries. Of all the food and beverage studies, dates actually have the highest amount of antioxidants based on serving size alone, but since dates are not consumed anywhere near the level of coffee, the beverage appears as the top source of antioxidants. antioxidants, Vinson said.

In addition to keeping you alert and awake, coffee has been linked to a growing number of potential health benefits, including protection against liver and colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, according to some recently published studies.

The researchers, however, advise that coffee should be consumed in moderation, as it can make you nervous and cause stomach aches.

Unseen Passage With Questions And Answers Class 10 (Passage 4):

Question: 1. _____ is an important source of antioxidants in American diet.

(i) Tea
(ii) Coffee
(iii) Milk
(iv) Chocolate

Question: 2. The word which means the same as ‘nervous’ is:

(i) alert
(ii) awake
(iii) moderation
(iv) jittery

Question: 3. According to dietitian Sandra Vinson, the benefits of coffee ultimately depend on:

(i) how it is relished
(ii) how they are absorbed and utilised in the body
(iii) how they are served and consumed
(iv) whether it keeps us alert and awake

Question: 4. What is the correct order of the information given below?

I. Antioxidants are linked to a number of health benefits
II. One should consume coffee in moderation
III. Decaf versions of coffee provide antioxidants levels
IV. Dates have the most antioxidants based solely on serving size
(i) III, I, IV, II
(ii) III, IV, I, II
(iii) III, I, II, IV
(iv) II, I, IV, III

Question: 5. Coffee provides a large number of health benefits including protection against:

(i) liver and colon cancer
(ii) type 2 diabetes
(iii) Parkinson’s disease
(iv) All of these

  • Answer: 1. (ii) Coffee
  • Answer: 2. (iv) jittery
  • Answer: 3. (ii) how they are absorbed and utilised in the body
  • Answer: 4. (i) III, I, IV, II
  • Answer: 5. (iv) All of these

Unseen Passage For Class 10 CBSE – Passage 5

An epidemic of obesity or overweight is affecting many countries around the world; more than 300 million people are obese or overweight. Obesity could be for a particular reason. In India, some people tend to be overweight due to their high-calorie diet and lack of physical activity. In the United States, obesity is more prevalent in low-income groups. Obesity is now well recognized as a disease in its own right. Although obesity commonly means being overweight, it is defined as an excessive amount of body weight that includes muscle, bone, fat, and water. “Obesity” specifically refers to an excessive amount of body fat.

A certain amount of body fat is needed to store energy, keep you warm, and absorb shock. In general, men with more than 25% body fat and women with more than 35% body fat are considered obese. Obesity tends to run in families, suggesting a genetic cause. Environmental factors include lifestyle, such as what a person eats and how active a person is. Therefore, one must choose more nutritious foods that are low in fat and become more active.

Then there are the psychological factors. Negative emotions like boredom, sadness, and anger are the main culprits. Then there’s also “binge eating,” that is, when people eat large amounts of food thinking it’s out of their control how much they eat. Those with the most severe problem of binge eating are also likely to have more symptoms of depression and low self-esteem.

Obesity is a health hazard that leads to many serious medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Obesity is also linked to a higher rate of certain types of cancer. There are many ways to lose weight, but exercise is the best as it has no harmful side effects.

Unseen Passage With Questions And Answers Class 10 (Passage 5):

Question: (a) Women having _ body fat are regarded as obese.

(i) more than 35%
(ii) more than 25%
(iii) less than 30%
(iv) less than 25%

Question: (b) Obesity can be defined as a/an _ amount of body weight.

(i) less
(ii) excess
(iii) optimum
(iv) balanced

Question: (c) In the United States obesity is more prevalent among __ people.

(i) high income
(ii) homeless
(iii) low income
(iv) affluent

Question: (d) Environmental factor refers to __ behaviour.

(i) indecent
(ii) decent
(iii) lifestyle
(iv) loud

Question: (e) Binge eating is when people eat __ of food.

(i) a meagre amount
(ii) a small portion
(iii) extra organic type
(iv) a large portion

  • Answer: (a) (i) more than 35%
  • Answer: (b) (ii) excess
  • Answer: (c) (iii) low income
  • Answer: (d) (iii) lifestyle
  • Answer: (e) (iv) a large portion

Unseen Passage For Class 10 With Questions And Answers PDF

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