Moral Stories In English For Class 11

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These are short stories that contain a moral or lesson that is intended to teach students valuable life lessons. These stories often feature characters who make good or bad choices and the consequences that follow.

Moral Stories In English For Class 11

Moral Stories In English For Class 11

Moral stories in English for class 11 can be used to teach valuable lessons to students in an engaging and relatable way. These stories can be used to teach students about honesty, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and other important values.

Some examples of moral stories that could be appropriate for class 11 students include Be Different,” “The Ant And The Pigeon,” “Casablanca,” “Dark Spots,” etc. These stories can be used as a starting point for class discussions and activities.

The Ant And The Pigeon

On a hot summer day, an ant was roaming in search of water. After wandering here and there for some time, she saw a river and she was happy to see it. She climbed a small rock to get a drink of water, but slipped and fell into the river. She was drowning but a pigeon sitting on a nearby tree helped her.

Seeing the ant in trouble, the pigeon quickly dropped a leaf into the water. The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed on it. The pigeon carefully pulled the leaf and placed it on the ground. In this way, the life of the ant was saved and it was forever indebted to the pigeon.

The Ant And The Pigeon class 11 moral story

The ant and the dove became best friends and the days passed happily ever after. But one day a hunter came in the jungle. He saw the beautiful pigeon sitting on the tree and aimed his gun at the pigeon.

The ant, who was saved by the dove, saw this and bit the hunter on the heel. He screamed in pain and dropped the gun. The dove got scared hearing the hunter’s voice and realized what might happen to him. He flew!

Moral of the story – A good deed never goes without fruit.

Be Different

One of the biggest challenges in life is being yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. For research, scientists kept 5 monkeys in a cage, in the middle of which there were ladders and bananas on top. Every time one of the monkeys climbed the ladder, the scientist doused the rest of the monkeys with cold water.

After a while, whenever a monkey tried to climb the ladder, the others would start beating him. After some time, none of the monkeys dared to climb the ladder in spite of temptation. The scientists then decided to transform one of the monkeys. As expected, the new monkey was immediately tempted and the others beat him up.

After several beatings, this new member learned not to climb the ladder, even though he never learned the real reason why. Then, a second monkey was brought and the same thing happened. The first monkey took part in beating the second monkey.

Substitutions continued, until only a group of 5 monkeys remained in the cage. Even though the new group of monkeys never received a cold shower, they continued to beat any monkey that attempted to climb the ladder. If you ask a new monkey why it was spanked, its answer is likely to be, “Well, how do I know. I guess that’s the way things are done here!”

You will never be able to impact the world if you keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. be apart Create chaos. leave an echo behind!

Casabianca – Short Stories In English Grade 11

A battle took place at sea between England and France. Casabianca, a boy, was with his father on the French ship.

The father said, “Stay here, my dear boy. Do not leave that place without my permission. I am going out to fight. I will come back soon.”

The father left immediately. He joins the battle to defeat England.

Suddenly a fire broke out on the ship. The fire spread.

Casabianca Short Stories In English Grade 11

Casabianca shouted, “Daddy, can I leave this place? There’s a fire in this place.”

But there was no answer.

The boy shouted again, “Father… shall I leave this place.”

Again no answer came. His father was killed in the fight.

The fire got closer and closer to Casabianca. Due to this he died by burning.

She obeyed her father in letter and spirit.

He was a brave boy.

Dark Spots – Long Moral Stories In English For Class 11

One day a professor entered a class and asked his students to prepare for a surprise exam. They were waiting anxiously at their desks for the test to begin. The professor examined the text with the text facing down as usual. Once he handed them all in, he asked his students to turn the page and start over. To everyone’s surprise, there was no question…just a black dot in the center of the page. Seeing the expression on everyone’s faces, the professor told them the following.

“I want you to write what you see there.” The students got confused and started writing their answers.

At the end of class, the professor took all the answers and began to read each of them aloud to all the students. All of them, without exception, described the black point, tried to explain its position in the middle of the sheet, etc., etc.

After reading everything, the class fell silent, the professor began to explain. “I am not going to grade this on you. I just wanted to give you something to think about. No one has written about the white part of the paper. Everyone’s attention was on the black point and the same thing happens in our life.

We have a white paper for you to peruse and enjoy. But we always focus on the dark spots. Our life is a gift given to us with love and care and we always have reasons to celebrate – nature renewing itself everyday, friends around us, jobs that provide us livelihood, the wonders we See everyday. However we insist on focusing only on the dark spots – health issues that bother us, lack of money, a complicated relationship with a family member, a disappointment with a friend, etc…

The dark spots are everything, are very small compared to what we have in life. But they are the ones who pollute our mind. Take your eyes off the dark spots in your life. Enjoy each and every blessing you have, each and every moment that life gives you.

Crab Story

Once there were three crabs. Daddy Crab, Mommy Crab and Baby Crab. They used to live in a rock pool by the sea. Twice a day, the tide would come in and fill their rock pools with fresh seawater.

“What lies beyond our rock pool?” asked the baby crab one day. “The danger,” replied Daddy Crab, is that the seagulls and other things will eat you.

“Okay, I want to see.” Baby Crab said. “No, you should stay here.” The mother crab replied. “You don’t want to go searching, you might get lost.”

But the baby crab was a mischievous crab, he waited until both his parents were asleep under their rocks and the tide came in, and then he headed towards the top of the rock pool. He slipped and suddenly fell into the other pool.

He looked around and there were waving red things sitting on the rocks. He waved back. The red things just kept waving. How rude he thought.

He went over to one and touched the red arm. The weapon suddenly shot inside. “Hello,” she said. The red wavy things continued to ignore her.

Suddenly he realized that he was all alone and that the red wavy things no longer seemed friendly, they looked scary. “Mommy, Dad,” he growled, but there was no response. Suddenly he saw a big orange thing slowly moving towards him.

“Where’s my baby?” shouted the mommy crab when she woke up the next morning, sifting through the sand, getting ready for a fine morning of feeding.

“I’ll ask Barnacle?” Daddy Crab said. He wandered into the nearest group of barnacles. “Hey Barnacle, did you see our boy last night?” “We never saw anything, we’ve been filter-feeding all night,” said one barnacle.

“You know we leave each other alone. It’s the first rule of rock-pool, we leave you and you leave us.” Said a barnacle, “I think I must have seen him going to the next pool.” “Hmm,” said Daddy Crab. “I’ll go and see.”

He went back to the mommy crab. “One of the barnacles thinks he may have seen him wandering into the rock pool next door.”

“She’s there….” “Yeah, that’s where the starfish live.” “You’ll have to go and get him.” said mummy crab.

“Yeah okay you stay here, keep an eye on the seagull. As it is not high tide now, I shall have to go … overland.” “Ok careful. Love you.” “Love you,” said daddy crab, walking along the edge of the rock pool.

Keeping an eye on the seagull, he left his pool and made a dash for the next pool.

He saw some sea anemones waving. There’s no point asking them, everyone knows anemones can’t speak. Where was the starfish now and more importantly where was her son?

Suddenly a voice called “Daddy” The father of the crab saw his son running towards him. “Son we were worried, your mother is beside herself with worry.”

“Sorry Dad, I wanted to see what’s outside our rock pool.” “Ah, son, we never told you but there lives a starfish. It can eat you.” “The starfish will not eat you. He is my friend.”

“Now don’t be silly son, we can’t be friends with the starfish, they only have five legs. We have eight. Come back with me, we’ve got to hurry because there might be seagulls.”

“Will the seagulls be my friends?” “No, the seagulls will eat you. Now follow me.” “Goodbye,” cried the baby crab.

Daddy Crab suddenly revealed an orange arm waving back. Whatever happens next Starfish. Both the crabs walked back towards the edge of the rock pool.

Daddy Crab looked out; There were no seagulls. “Now son, run, run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. We need to move fast because we don’t want to be eaten by seagulls.

The baby crab ran out of the rock pool, over the rocks and back into its home pool and into its mother’s welcoming paws. “Ah son,” said the mother crab, tears must have welled in her eyes, but since she was already in the water, she did not.

“I am very glad to see you. Where is your father?” “I’m here.” Daddy Crab replied.

“Now don’t ever do that again, not until you become a big crab and can sting the seagull badly.” scolded by the mother crab. “I won’t,” said the baby crab, looking at the rock pool on the other side.

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