Moral Story In English for Class 12

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Moral stories are short stories that contain a moral or lesson that is intended to teach valuable life lessons to students. These stories often feature characters making good or bad choices and the consequences that follow.

Moral Stories In English for Class 12

Moral Story In English for Class 12

Moral stories in English for class 12 can be used to teach valuable lessons to students in an engaging and relatable way. These stories can be used to teach students about honesty, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and other important values.

Some examples of moral stories that could be appropriate for class 12 students include A Cricket And An Ant,” “The Milkmaid and Her Pail,” “A Farmer and His Lazy Son,” “Brother Gopal,” etc. These stories can be used as a starting point for class discussions and activities.

A Cricket And An Ant

A cricket lived in the neighborhood of an aunt. The crickets sang songs throughout the spring and summer. He is very happy. He didn’t do any work. Winter has arrived and it is snowing everywhere. He had saved nothing for the winter. He started starving. He went to the ant for help. He begged for some food. The ant refused and pushed him away saying, “We ants neither lend nor borrow.” The ant asked him the reason for not storing food for the winter in summer. He replied that he used to sing the song with pleasure. The ant then asked her to dance the winter away.

Moral – No work, no food, no pain, no gain.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail

Atty, a cowgirl milked her cow and she had two jugs of fresh, creamy milk with her. She put both the buckets of milk on a pole and went to the market to sell milk. As he stepped towards the market, his thoughts turned towards money. On the way, she kept thinking about how much money she would be able to earn by selling the milk.

Then she thought what would she do with the money. She was talking to herself and said, “As soon as I get the money, I will buy a chicken. The hen will lay eggs and I will get more chickens. All of them will lay eggs, and I will sell them for more money. Then, I’ll buy a house on the hill and everyone will envy me.” She was very happy that soon she would become very rich.

With these pleasant thoughts she went on. But suddenly she stumbled and fell down. Both the milk buckets fell and all his dreams were shattered. The milk fell to the ground, and Patty could only cry. “No more dreams,” she cried idly!

Moral – Don’t count your chicks before they hatch.

Moral Stories In English For Class 12

A Merchant And A Boy

Once there was a businessman. He was a rich man. He earned a lot of money by selling his goods. One day he had to go a long way. He was on a business tour. He had a large amount of money. It was getting dark. A nail fell from the shoe of his horse. He ignored her and reached the city. He did his business. When he was about to go back, the inn boy warned him about robbers in the forest on the way. He didn’t pay any heed and walked away quickly. The nail went into his horse’s hoof. Got lame. Meanwhile, the robbers came and killed him and robbed him of the money.

Moral – Give importance to the words and not to the speaker.

Short Stories In English Grade 12

A Farmer and His Lazy Son

Once there lived a farmer. He had four sons. They were all very lazy and did nothing. He advised them to do the work but they did not care. In the end the farmer fell seriously ill. He summoned all his sons and told them about the treasure lying somewhere in the field. The sons ask her to mark the place but before saying anything. He died. He didn’t do anything. They started dying of hunger. Soon he remembered the treasure his father had left him. They dug deep in the field but no treasure was found. The soil was enriched by doing this. At last he sowed the land. After a few days, there was a bumper crop. Then he came to know about the intelligence of his father. He worked hard and got rich.

Moral – Well done, well done.


Father and son went to a temple.

Seeing the pillars of lions at the entrance of the temple, suddenly the son raised a hue and cry.

“Run father, otherwise those lions will eat us.”

Dad consoled her, saying, “They are only idols and will not harm us.”

The son replied, “If those lion idols will not harm us then how can the idols of the god bless us.”

Papa wrote in the diary…

“I am still speechless over my child’s answer and have started looking for God in humans instead of idols. I did not find God but I found humanity.”

Long Moral Stories In English For Class 12

Brother Gopal

It was a bright & sunny morning. Chhota Shyam was very excited. It was his first day at school.

“Mother,” he called. “Where’s my lunch? If I don’t hurry, I won’t be able to reach school on time.”

Shyam’s school was across the forest and it took him an hour to reach there. Mother quickly gave him food and sent him off to go.

Shyam jumped from the path of the forest. He loved to watch the sun peeking through the trees and the chirping of the birds.

He soon reached the school and ran to meet his friends in the village. He had a great time in school.

Shyam learned a lot of new things at school and soon the day was over. It was evening and Shyam was going back to his home.

But the evening forest was very scary. There were many strange sounds and shapes which scared little Shyam.

Suddenly, “hoot” came a loud voice in the darkness.

“Ahh!” Shyam shouted in fear.

He was so scared that he didn’t stop to find out who made the noise. He just ran as fast as he could until he reached home.

Mother was very worried seeing Shyam crying.

“What happened Shyam?” He asked.

“I will never go to school again.” He started sobbing.

“It is very dark in the evening in the forest and I am afraid to walk alone.”

“How can I help Shyama overcome her fear?” He thought.

Suddenly she came up with a plan.

“Shyam, when you are scared, just close your eyes and call your brother Gopal. He will come and help you,” she said.

“I didn’t know I had a brother,” said a surprised Shyam.

“You always had a brother. You never thought about him, ”said his mother.

“Now go wash your hands and I’ll get you some food,” said the mother with a smile.

Shyam was satisfied. His brother Gopal helped him. He had nothing to worry about. He ate food and slept peacefully.

The next morning, Shyam left for school early. When he was coming home in the evening, the jungle again scared him. He decided to call his brother.

“Gopal bhai, where are you? Please come and take me home,” she called.

As Shyam looked around, a melodious music filled the forest. Suddenly a boy appeared from somewhere and went to Shyam.

He looked charming with dusky skin and mischievous smile. He took Shyam by the hand and took him to the edge of the forest. Shyam became happy.

From that day on, Gopal would come to take Shyam back home every evening. They gossiped and laughed and they became best friends.

One morning, all the students decided to bring presents for their teacher on his birthday the next day.

Shyam could not understand what to take as a gift. He decided to consult Bhai Gopal.

“What gift can I get for my teacher tomorrow?” Shyam asked.

Gopal thought for a minute and said, “You can have my bowl of curd.”

Shyam was very happy to hear this. Next day he proudly took it to the school and gave it to his teacher.

His teacher found the curd very tasty but he realized that no matter how many times he ate from the bowl, the curd never got reduced.

“Shyam,” said his teacher, “where did you get this curd from?”

“My brother Gopal gave it to me sir.” Shyam replied.

“What! You don’t have a brother. Don’t lie,” his teacher scolded.

“I am not lying. Come with me to the forest and I will show you my brother,” he said.

His teacher got very angry, but took Shyam and went to the forest.

“Where is he? I don’t see him.” He shouted.

As he raised his hand to kill Shyam, a melodious music resounded in the forest.

“Only the true in heart can see me,” came a gentle voice.

“Please forgive me, Lord,” said the astonished teacher, falling to his knees.

Shyam also realized that his brother was none other than Lord Gopal Krishna. He was overjoyed to see that the Lord came to him whenever he called him.

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Which are the famous moral stories for class 12?

There are some best moral stories for grade 12-
-The Tortoise and the Hare
-The Golden Touch of Midas
-The Boy Who Cried Wolf
-The Three Little Pigs

Which is the best Moral Story for class 12

Here are some like A Cricket And An Ant,” “The Milkmaid and Her Pail,” “A Farmer and His Lazy Son etc. stories you may read.


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