Best Moral Stories In English For Class 9

I write moral stories in English for class 9 article. The students who are looking for some best moral stories for class 9 with images may read this article.


So, this short stories in English for class 9 grade article helps you a lot. Now scroll down and read the article now. These stories often feature characters who make good or bad choices and the consequences that follow.

Moral Stories in English for Class 9

Moral Stories In English For Class 9

They are a great way to help students understand the importance of making good decisions and the impact that their actions can have on others. Examples of moral stories that may be suitable for class 9 students include “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

The newest and unique stories in the world of the internet to date have been written here. We have also given the contents below regarding Class 9 Moral English Stories so that you can understand our content material properly.

A Farmer And His Son

There lived an old farmer in a village. He had 3 sons who were always quarreling with each other. The former advises them not to quarrel, but all in vain. In the end, when the former realizes that his end is near, he expresses his desire to teach them a lesson.

He called his servant and ordered him to bring a bundle of dry sticks. When she brought the bale, she asked her sons to break it one by one. All tried their best but failed. The first one opened the bundle and told them to break the wood one by one.

inspirational stories in english for class 9

Everyone broke the stick easily. The former then advised them that no one would harm them if they united. This example made a good impression on him. After that day they never quarreled among themselves.

Moral Of The Story: Union is strength. Unbreakable power in unity.

The Bee And The Pigeon

Once a bee was going towards its hive in flight, a gust of wind threw him into the stream. The strong current of the water carried it here and there. A pigeon sitting on a nearby tree saw the bee in trouble. He took pity on it.

He tore a leaf from the tree and dropped it near the bee. The bee climbed onto the leaf, dried its wings and flew off safe and sound. It was the pigeon’s thanks for his kindness. After a few days, the dove was sitting on the branch of a tree.

Moral Stories in English for Class 9 with pictures

A hunter came there and was about to kill the dove with his roar. The bee happened to see the hunter and flew towards him in time. The bee, immediately sat on the hunter’s hand and stung him.

He fired but hesitated and missed the mark. In this way the life of the pigeon was saved and it flew away safely thanking the bee.

Moral Of The Story: Do well do good. tit for tat.

Three Friends And The Bag Of Gold Or The Lure Of Gold

Once upon a time, three friends went on a long journey on foot. While he was passing through a forest, he found a bag full of gold. They decided to divide it equally among themselves.

When they reached a town, he sent one of them to bring food from the market. In his absence, the other two decide to kill him upon his return from the city and divide the gold equally among themselves.

The third man was also no less greedy than the rest. He poisoned the food to kill them as he wanted to get all the gold. As soon as that person from the city came, the other two killed him. But he too died after eating poisoned food.

Moral Of The Story: You will reap as you sow. Greed is a curse. Or. The one who digs a pit for others, falls into it himself.

A Strange Chicken

Once upon a time a lady had a very strange hen. Used to give golden egg daily. It was for him a source of prosperity and happiness. He sold eggs and made a lot of money. But she was foolish and greedy. He thought that the hen’s belly was full of golden eggs.

She wanted to get all the eggs in one shot and become a millionaire overnight. So he killed the hen and cut open its belly with a knife. But she was very disappointed to find only one egg there. He felt very sorry for his stupidity but now nothing could be done.

Moral Of The Story: Greed is a curse. haste makes waste.

Short Story for Class 9 with Moral

A Wise Man

People have been coming to the Gnani every time complaining of the same problem. One day he told a joke to them and everyone burst out laughing.

A few minutes later, he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled.

No one laughed when he told the same joke a third time.

The sage smiled and said:

“You can’t laugh at the same jokes over and over. So why do you always cry about the same problems?”

Moral Of The Story: Worrying won’t solve your problems, it will only waste your time and energy.

The Greedy Dog

There was once a dog who was very hungry. He kept wandering here and there in search of food but could not find anything to eat. Finally he sat down in front of a butcher’s shop.

When the butcher was attending to a customer, the dog immediately stole a piece of meat from the shop and fled to save himself and the piece of meat. On the way, a bridge was built over a stream. As he was crossing the bridge, he saw his own reflection in the water.

He thought that it was another dog with a piece of meat in its mouth. He wanted to have it too. As soon as he barked, the piece of his flesh fell into the water. Thus the greedy dog lost his drive for the meat and had to go home hungry.

Moral Of The Story: Greed is a curse. Be satisfied with what you have.

The Thirsty Crow

It was the month of June. A crow was very thirsty. She flew hither and thither in search of water but could not find it anywhere. At last, she reached a garden and saw a pitcher full of water. It sat on the pitcher. It tried to drink the water but its beak could not reach there.

It looked around and noticed some pebbles nearby. He picked up the pebbles and dropped them one by one into the pot. Gradually the water came up to the mouth of the pitcher. Crow drank the water and flew away.

Moral Of The Story: Need is the mother of invention. The one who helps himself, God also helps him. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Long Moral Stories In English For Class 9

An Old Woman In Cruise

A man asked why an old woman is alone on a cruise ship. She noticed that even though she was alone, all the staff, the ship’s officers, waiters and busboys were very familiar to her. So, he asked the waiter who the woman was, hoping to be told…she was the boss of the line, but all the waiter knew was that she had been on the last four cruises.

One evening as he was leaving the dining room, she caught sight of him and stopped to say hello. They struck up a conversation and he asked, “I understand you have been on this ship for the past four cruises.”

He replied, “Yes, it is true.”

She said, “I don’t understand” and she replied nonchalantly, “It’s cheaper than a nursing home. So, there will be no nursing home in my future. I’m living on this cruise; Average cost for a nursing Home is $200 a day. Here, I can get a long term discount and a senior discount price of $135 a day. That leaves $65 a day for tips and extra cash. I made it here.

I can afford 10 more meals a day, great food or room service, which means I can have breakfast in bed every day of the week. I get to have a free pool, workout room, free washers and dryers and have shows every night. I get free toothpaste, a razor, and free soap and shampoo. They will even treat you like a customer and not a patient. The entire staff will rush to help you out with an extra $5 worth of tips.

I meet new people every 7 to 14 days! TV is broken? Need to change light bulb? Need to change things? No problem! They’ll make everything right and apologize for the inconvenience. Clean sheets and towels every day and you don’t even need to ask for them. There is always a doctor on board. This is how I want to live the end of my life. ,

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