The Ant and The Dove Story English

Friends, as you all know, we like stories very much. The story helps us to live a new life and make our life better, so in this form, I have given you The Ant and The Dove Story which you read and know is a moral story.

The Ant and The Dove


On a hot day of summer, an ant was searching for some water. After walking around for some time, she came near the river.

To drink the water, she climbed up on a small rock. While trying to drink a water, she slipped and fell into the river.

A pigeon was sitting on a tree branch and saw an ant fall into the river. The dove quickly plucked a leaf and dropped it in the river near the struggling ant.

The Ant and The Dove story

The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed on it. Soon, the leaf fell on dry land and the ant jumped out. He looked at the tree and thanked the pigeon.

Later, that same day, a bird catcher nearby was about to throw his net at the pigeon, hoping to trap it. An ant saw him and guessed what he was going to do.

The pigeon was resting and had no knowledge of the bird catcher. An ant immediately bit his leg. Feeling pain, the bird catcher dropped his net and let out a light scream. The pigeon saw this and flew fast.

Moral Of Story:  If you do good, good will come to you.  One good turn deserves another.

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I am sure you love this The Ant and The Dove English story. this story gives you good moral knowledge which makes your life valuable. As I know everyone needs morals in their life to make it more easy and good.

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