The Monkey and The Crocodile Story In English

Friends, as you all know, we like stories very much. The story helps us to live a new life and make our life better, so in this form, I have given you The Monkey and The Crocodile Story which you read and know is a moral story.

The Monkey and The Crocodile Story


Once upon a time, there was a clever monkey who lived in a tree with tasty red apples. One day, a hungry crocodile came and asked the monkey for food.

The kind monkey shared his apples, and they became friends. The crocodile started visiting every day and became friends with the monkey.

The crocodile mentioned his wife and how much she liked apples. The monkey happily gave him additional apples to take home. Their friendship became deeper.

The Monkey and The Crocodile Story

However, the crocodile’s wife became jealous and wanted to end their friendship. She tricked the crocodile into bringing the monkey to their home, planning to eat him.

He pretended to be ill and claimed that only the monkey’s heart could cure him. The crocodile felt torn between his friend’s life and his wife’s. He invited the monkey to cross the river but he had a secret plan to kill him.

As they crossed the river, the crocodile revealed his plan. The smart monkey told him that his heart was left in the apple tree and they needed to go back.

The crocodile, eager to save his wife, swam back. The monkey quickly climbed the tree, outsmarting the crocodile.

He told the crocodile to go home and tell his vile wife that he was the most stupid crocodile in the whole world.

Moral of the story: Be careful who you trust, because some people may pretend to be friends but have selfish intentions.

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I am sure you love The Monkey and The Crocodile Story English story. this story gives you good moral knowledge which makes your life valuable. As I know everyone needs morals in their life to make it more easy and good.

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