Best Moral Stories In English For Class 6

I write moral stories in English for class 6 article. The students who are looking for some best moral stories for class 6 with images may read this post. Now scroll down and read the article now. Moral stories in English for class 6 are short stories that contain a moral or lesson that is intended to teach students valuable life lessons.

Moral Stories in English for Class 6

Moral Stories In English For Class 6

They are a great way to help students understand the importance of making good decisions and the impact that their actions can have on others.

Examples of moral stories that may be suitable for class 6 students include “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

Man With A Golden Heart

Once upon a time, the only son of a man was very ill. He went to a renowned doctor in the village.

When she asked the doctor to see her child, the doctor refused because he was going to play badminton at that time. The man begged him a lot, but the doctor didn’t listen to him. After some time his child died and the man returned to his house crying.

Twenty years later, a snake bit the same doctor’s child. Many tantriks tried to bring the child back to life but no one could help him.

Moral Stories In English For Grade 6

At last the same man, whose child this doctor had refused to see, brought his child back to life with his tantra-mantra as he knew tantra.

As a result, the doctor was ashamed of himself and requested him to forgive him, but the man left the place without saying anything.

Moral Of The Story – We should always help any needy because time always keeps changing.

Last Journey

The cab driver picked up his passenger in the darkness of the night. An elderly lady was standing outside the building carrying a suitcase. He smiled at her while walking her to the car and took her case into the trunk of the cab.

As they settled into the drive he asked her where she wanted to go…, after giving the address she asked…can we drive from downtown to get there?

It will be longer… he said. The lady smiled… I don’t mind, I am going to Dharamsala tonight.

The cab driver looked in the rear-view mirror. His eyes were gleaming…I have no family left…he continued. Doctor says I don’t have much time. He quietly reached up and turned off the meter.

He spent two hours with the woman, showing the cab driver various buildings where she grew up, where she worked, where she met her husband.

As the sun began to rise, he stopped outside Dharamshala where two orderlies greeted him. Hi the cab driver took her suitcase to her and was already in a wheelchair to take her inside.

How much do you owe me?….he said. The cab driver said… nothing.

You have to earn a living…. He replied. Oh, there are other passengers…he replied. Almost without thinking, he bent down and hugged her. He held her tightly.

Their embrace ended with her remark… you gave an old lady a little bit of happiness. After a brief pause, he added… Thank you.

Moral Of The Story – We never know the stories of the people we meet. It just takes a little kindness and love to make a difference in the world.

Moral Stories In English For Class 6 With Pictures

100 Percent Love

A boy and a girl are playing together. The boy had a collection of marbles. Girl has some sweets. The boy told the girl that he would give her all his marbles in exchange for the sweets he had with her. The girl agreed.

Moral Stories In English For Class 6 With Pictures

The boy kept the most beautiful and biggest marbles with him and gave the rest to him. The girl gave him all her sweets as per her promise. That night the girl slept peacefully. But the boy couldn’t sleep because he kept wondering if the girl had hidden some sweets from him, the way she hid the best marbles.

Moral Of The Story – If you don’t give 100 percent in a relationship, you will always have doubts whether the other person has given his 100 percent or not. This is applicable to any relationship like love, employee-employer, friendship, family, country etc…

Widow’s Naughty Son

Vijay was a very mischievous boy who used to fight a lot with other boys around him which made his widowed mother very upset and always encouraged him to do good deeds. But, he never listened to her.

One day, when she asked her other son to take Vijay to Mumbai for earning purposes, he agreed. She was very happy to hear this. After a few days both reached Mumbai.

Since Vijay was very mischievous, he started doing illegal work there. One day the police caught him red handed along with his gang.

After six months of imprisonment, he returned to his hometown and narrated the whole story to his mother and told her that she was right.

Moral Of The Story – We should always listen to our parents and follow their words.

Long Moral Stories In English For Class 6

A Farmer And His Wife

A farmer told his wife, “You are lazy. You work slowly and slowly. You waste your time.” The wife got angry at the words of the husband.

She told her husband, “You are wrong. be at home tomorrow I’ll go to the field. I’ll do your work right there. Will you do my work here at home?”

The farmer said happily, “Very well. I’ll do your work at home.”

The wife said, “Take out the cow’s milk. Feed the pigs. wash the dishes Take care of our chicken. Spin yarn.”

The woman had gone to the farm. The farmer remained at home. He took a vessel and went to milk the cow. He tried to milk the cow. He got a good kick. After that he went to rear pigs. He hit his head against the beam. He went to feed the hen. He forgot to spin.

Moral Of The Story – In the evening the wife returned from the field. The farmer’s head bowed down in shame. After this he found no fault in his wife. They lived together happily for a long time.

Short Moral story For Grade 6

A Bad Company

Once, a farmer was very troubled by crows as they would come to his field and ruin his crops. A pigeon also lived with the crows who used to help them in all their work.

Distressed by this, he laid a trap. The next day he saw that all the crows were trapped in the net and there was a pigeon too.

Since those crows had been ruining his crop for a long time, he did not feel pity on them at all and he handed them all over to the dogs. The dogs also killed the pigeon along with the crow.

Moral Of The Story – We should always be with good people and not with bad people, otherwise we may have to face the consequences of their mistakes.

Jealous Parrots

There was a man in Kushinagar who had many parrots. He loved his parrots very much and fed them a variety of food.

One day the man bought a new beautiful bird from the market and brought it home. When the parrots saw that beautiful bird, they were full of envy.

As a result, all the parrots hatched a plan to kill the bird. When the parrot attacked the bird, the man watched. He saved the bird from them.

The man left the parrots in the forest because of their rude behaviour.

Moral Of The Story – Sometimes being jealous of others hurts yourself.

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