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Moral Stories In English For Class 4 In English

Count Wisely

One day, King Akbar asked a question in his court which surprised everyone in the court. As they were all trying to find out the answer, Birbal came in and asked what was the matter. He repeated the question to her.

count wisely story

The question was, “How many crows are there in the city?”

Birbal immediately smiled and went to Akbar. He announced the answer; He said, There were twenty-one thousand five hundred and twenty-three crows in the city. When asked how he knew the answer, Birbal replied, “Ask your men to count the number of crows.

If there are more, relatives of crows may be coming to them from nearby cities. If there are fewer, then the crows of our city must have gone to their relatives living outside the city.” Pleased with the answer, Akbar presented Birbal with a ruby ​​and a pearl chain.

Moral – Having an explanation for your answer is just as important as having an answer.

The Golden Touch short story with moral

Once upon a time there was a king named Midas who did a good deed for a satirist. And then he was granted a wish by Dionysus, the god of wine.

To his wish, Midas asked that everything he touches would turn to gold. Despite Dionysus’s efforts to stop it, Midas pleaded that it was a splendid wish, and so, it was granted.

The Golden Touch short story with moral

Excited by his newly acquired powers, Midas began to touch all kinds of things, turning everything into pure gold.

But soon, Midas became hungry. As soon as he picked up a piece of food, he found that he could not eat it. He had gold in his hand.

Hungry, Midas groaned, “I’ll be hungry! Maybe it wasn’t such a good wish!”

Seeing his despair, Midas’ beloved daughter turned around to console him, and she too turned to gold. “The golden touch is no blessing,” cried Midas.

Moral – Greed will always lead to downfall.

The Needle Tree – Short Stories For Grade 4 Printable

Two brothers lived near a forest. The elder brother was very bad for the younger brother – he would finish all the food and put on all the new clothes of his younger brother. One day, the elder brother decided to go to the forest to get some firewood and sell it in the market.

The Needle Tree Short Stories For Grade 4

As he walked around cutting trees and plants, he stumbled upon a magical tree. The tree said, “O kind sir, please don’t cut my branches. If you leave me, I will give you apples of gold.” He agreed, but was disappointed by the number of apples the tree had given him.

As greed got over him, he threatened the tree that he would cut off the entire trunk if he didn’t give him any more apples. Magical tree, Instead, the elder brother rained down on hundreds and hundreds of tiny needles.As the sun went down, the elder brother lay down on the ground moaning in pain.

The younger brother was worried and so he went in search of his elder brother. He found her lying in pain near a tree with hundreds of needles on her body. He ran to his brother and removed each needle lovingly and gently.

After he finished, the elder brother apologized for ill-treating him and promised to get better. The tree saw a change in the elder brother’s heart and gave him all the golden apples he would ever need.

Moral – It is important to be kind and gracious, as it will always be rewarded.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail

Patty, a milkmaid, milked her cow and had two full buckets of fresh, creamy milk. She put both the buckets of milk on a stick and went to the market to sell the milk.

As he stepped towards the market, his thoughts moved towards wealth. On the way, she kept wondering how much money she would get from selling milk. Then she wondered what she would do with that money.

She was talking to herself and said, “Once I get the money, I will buy a chicken. The hen will lay the eggs and I will get more chickens. They will all lay eggs, and I will sell them for more money.”

Then, I’ll buy the house on the hill and everyone will be jealous of me.” She was very happy that soon she would become very rich. With these pleasant thoughts she went ahead.

But suddenly she slipped and fell. Both the buckets of milk fell and all her dreams were shattered. The milk fell on the ground, and Patty was just crying. “Dream no more,” he cried foolishly!

Moral – Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

The Woodcutter and the Golden Axe

Once there was a woodcutter, who was working hard in the forest, selling wood for some food. As he was cutting a tree, his ax accidentally fell into the river. The river was deep and flowing very fast – he lost his ax and could not find it again. He sat on the bank of the river and started crying.

While he was crying, the god of the river got up and asked him what happened. The woodcutter told him the story. The river god offered to help him find his axe. He disappeared into the river and took out a golden axe, but the woodcutter said it was not his.

He disappeared again and came back with a silver axe, but the woodcutter said it was not his either. The Lord again disappeared into the water and came back with an iron ax – the woodcutter smiled and said it was his. The Lord was impressed by the woodcutter’s honesty and presented him with an ax of both gold and silver.

Moral – Honesty is the best policy.

The Bear and Two Friends

One day, two best friends were walking a lonely and dangerous path through a forest. As the sun began to set, they were scared but clinging to each other. Suddenly, he saw a bear on his way.

One of the boys went to a nearby tree and climbed it in a jiffy. The other boy himself did not know how to climb the tree, so he lay on the ground pretending to be dead. The bear approached the boy on the ground and sniffed around his head.

Whispering something in the boy’s ear, the bear went on its way. The boy climbed the tree and asked his friend what the bear had whispered in his ear. He replied, “Don’t trust friends who don’t care about you.”

Moral – A friend in need is a friend indeed.

When Adversity Knocks

Asha was getting frustrated and tired of life, so she asked her father what to do. His father asked him to bring an egg, two tea leaves and a potato. Then he took out three utensils and filled them with water and put them on the stove.

When the water came to a boil, he asked Asha to keep an eye on them by keeping things in each vessel. After 10 minutes he asked Asha to peel the egg, peel the potato and filter the leaves. Hope was confused.

Her father explained, “Each object was placed under the same conditions, in boiling water. See how each reacted differently?”

He added, “The egg was soft, but now it’s hard. The potato was hard, but now it’s soft. And the tea leaves, they changed the water.”

The father asked again, “When calamity strikes, we respond in the same way as they have. Now, are you an egg, a potato, or a tea leaf?”

Moral – We can choose how to respond in difficult situations.

The Proud Rose

Once upon a time, in a distant desert, there was a rose which was very proud of its beautiful appearance. Her only complaint was growing next to an ugly cactus.

Every day, the beautiful rose would insult the cactus and make fun of him for his looks, while the cactus kept silent. All the other plants around tried to understand the rose, but she too was impressed by her own form.

One scorching summer, the desert dried up, and there was no water left for the plants. The rose quickly began to wither. Its beautiful petals wither, lose their lush color.

Looking at the cactus, he saw a sparrow dipping its beak into the cactus to drink some water. Though ashamed, Rose asked the cactus if she could get some water. The kind-hearted Cactus readily agreed, to help the two of them through the tough summer, as friends.

Moral – Never judge anyone by the way they look.

The Fox and the Grapes

One day, a fox became very hungry in search of something to eat. He searched high and low, but could not find anything that he could eat.

Finally, as his stomach rumbled, he hit a farmer’s wall. At the top of the wall, he saw the largest, succulent vineyards he had ever seen. They had a rich, purple color, telling the fox that they were ready to eat.

To reach the grapes, the fox had to jump high in the air. As soon as he jumped, he opened his mouth to catch the grapes, but he missed. The fox tried again but missed again.

He tried a few more times but failed.

In the end, the fox decided it was time to give up and go home. When he left, he muttered, “I bet the grapes were sour anyway.”

Moral – Never despise what we can’t have; nothing comes easy.

The Farmer and the Well

One day, a farmer was looking for a source of water for his field when he bought a well from his neighbor. However, the neighbor was clever. The next day when the farmer came to draw water from his well, the neighbor refused to take water from him.

When the farmer asked why, the neighbor replied, “I sold you the well, no water,” and left. Distraught, the farmer went to the emperor to plead for justice. He explained what had happened.

The emperor met Birbal, one of his nine and most intelligent, courtiers. Birbal asked the neighbor, “Why don’t you let the farmer draw water from the well? You sold the well to the farmer?”

The neighbor replied, “Birbal, I sold the well to the farmer, but there is no water inside it. He has no right to draw water from the well.”

Birbal said, “Look, since you have sold the well, you have no right to keep water in the farmer’s well. Either you pay rent to the farmer, or withdraw immediately. Realizing that his plan had failed, the neighbor apologized and went home.

Moral – Cheating will not get you anything. If you cheat, you’ll pay soon enough.

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