Best Moral Stories In English For Class 8

The students who are looking for some best moral stories for class 8 with images may read this article. So, this short story in English for class 8 grade article helps you a lot.


These stories often feature characters who make good or bad choices and the consequences that follow.

Moral Stories in English for Class 8

Moral Stories In English For Class 8

They are a great way to help students understand the importance of making good decisions and the impact that their actions can have on others.

Examples of moral stories that may be suitable for class 8 students include “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

We have also given the contents below regarding Class 8 Moral English Stories so that you can understand our content material properly.

A Good Boy

An old woman wanted to cross the road. She was weak. That’s why she wanted help. He waited a long time. She was waiting alone.

He saw a large number of school students. They were laughing and talking. They were going home. So they were happy. His eyes fell on the old woman. He didn’t help her. They kept on walking.

A Good Boy moral story

But a boy went to the old woman. He said to her, “Mom! Do you want to cross the road? I will help you. I will take you to the other side.”

The boy helped the old woman. He took her on the road. He did a good job. he was happy. He said, “I helped someone’s mother. So, someone will help my mother in her old age.

“Dear God! Have mercy on this good boy,” said the old woman in her prayer.

A Snake In The Well

For years the well had been lying dormant, its depth a mystery. But one day when the children were playing near it, they saw that a snake had fallen into it and got trapped.

The children tried a lot to get the snake out but were not successful. The elders came and tried too, but they too could not. No one wanted to go down a dark well to pull out a snake, knowing it was venomous.

Days passed and the snake gradually died in the well itself. It was a sad scene but it served as a lesson for everyone in the village. They learned that sometimes our danger may come from within.

Moral of the story – The lesson to be learned from the story is that we may die as a result of our sinister public image.

Stupid Cat

A cat lived in a house. His name was Nancy. Nancy used to sleep at home after hunting rats.

One day, when she was getting bored at home, she thought that she should go to another house.

As soon as this idea came, she left the house and entered the house of the blacksmith who lived a short distance from her house.

He searched the blacksmith’s house, but found nothing to eat. Then she went to the blacksmith’s room and began to turn things upside down. He opened a box of tools.

He saw a knife in it. She took out the knife and started licking it with her tongue. Due to this, his tongue was cut in one or two places and he felt that something had come out of it.

She then started licking the knife, which made her tongue fall down.

Moral of the story – Don’t use anything without knowing it!

The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf Story

Once upon a time a shepherd boy was put in charge of taking care of a flock of sheep. One day, he became bored and decided to play a trick on the villagers. He ran into the village crying, “The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming!” The villagers ran to the hill to save the sheep, but when they got there, they found the wolf was not there. Boy had they been fooled!

The villagers were so angry that they decided to teach the boy a lesson. Next he cried, “The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming!” He ignored her. Sure enough, a wolf came and attacked the sheep.

The boy again ran towards the village, but this time no one came to help. The wolf killed many of the sheep before the shepherd boy could drive them away. The boy learned his lesson and never again fooled the villagers.

Moral of the story – It’s important to be truthful, even if it’s not what people want to hear.

Moral stories for students of class 8

Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves

Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, had a wealthy brother, Kasim, who never shared any of his money with his brother. Instead, he treated Ali Baba, his wife and son badly. One day, as Ali Baba was cutting logs in the forest, he saw a number of people on horses and they hid.

Moral Stories in English for Class 8 with picture

He climbed a tree and watched the forty horsemen. They had bags full of gold and they took them to a big rock. One of the men shouted, ‘Open up, mole’, and a door in the rock opened and the man entered the cave. the others followed. After a while they came out and the leader called out, ‘Near Mole’.

When the thieves left, Ali Baba went to the cave entrance. He said the magic words and entered. He was amazed to see all the gold, silk, jewels and piles of gold crowns. Realizing that it was okay to steal from thieves, Ali Baba decided to take home some of the gold for himself and his family.

On coming home he showed the gold to his wife. His wife wanted to know how much gold they have. She went to Kasim’s house to ask his wife for a balance so that she could weigh the gold. She did not want Kasim and his wife to know about the gold, so she said that they were weighing meat. Qasim’s wife did not believe Ali Baba’s wife and wondered from where did he get the money to buy the meat.

He cheated Ali Baba’s wife by pouring honey in the bottom of a vessel. When Ali Baba’s wife returned the scales the next day, a gold coin was found stuck in the honey. Qasim’s wife knew their secret. When she tells Qasim about her brother’s gold, he becomes jealous.

He went to Ali Baba’s house and asked his brother where he had found it. When Ali Baba saw the gold coin, he told his brother about the cave and forty thieves. Next morning, Qasim went to the cave with ten donkeys carrying ten huge chests. He went inside after saying the password but forgot the magic word to get out.

The thieves found her inside and killed her. When Qasim did not return, Ali Baba went to search for him. He found the dead body of his brother hanging inside the cave and brought the body home. With the help of Marjaneh, Kasim’s maidservant, they buried Kasim properly without thinking about the cause of Kasim’s death.

The thieves find that the body was gone and soon realize that someone else must know their secret. They set out in search of him in the city. They made several plans to find the man. However, each time his plans are foiled by the wily Marjaneh. The thieves eventually found the house of the person they were looking for. They did not know his name Ali Baba.

The leader of the thieves plans to kill the man who stole from them. He bought twenty donkeys and forty large pots of kerosene oil with loose lids. He loaded two pitchers on the donkeys, and filled oil in each pitcher. He told his forty-nine men to take their swords and daggers and hide inside the pitchers. He ordered them to be ready to jump out and attack the person who stole from them.

The leader filled the 40th pot with oil. He then went to Ali Baba’s house, pretending to be an oil merchant who needed a bed for the night. Ali Baba gave him food and a bed for his donkeys and a stable. The thief left his forty jars in a long queue in the courtyard.

Moral Stories in English for grade 8

Marjaneh discovered their plan and killed twenty-nine men by pouring boiling oil over them. When the leader learned why his men were not ready to fight, he saw that they were all dead and fled. After a few weeks the chief of thieves went back to the city disguised as a merchant. He soon became friends with Khalid, Ali Baba’s son, who took him home for dinner.

Ali Baba invites him inside, but Marjaneh soon grows suspicious of the man. After dinner, Marjaneh danced with daggers to entertain the guests. As he finished, he raised his dagger and stabbed the dinner guest.

All forty thieves were slain and Ali Baba and his family were safe once and for all. Ali Baba was so impressed with Marjaneh that he introduced his son to her husband. Khalid is happily married to Marjaneh and they have a child. Ali Baba decided to show Khalid the cave with the treasure. Khalid promised that he would also show his son the cave when he was old enough. And thus Ali Baba and his family were never poor again.

Moral Of The Story – We should never bow down to greed. Never let greed rule your life.

A True Servant

A king had many slaves. One of them was very dark. He was true to the king. That’s why the king loved him very much.

One day the king left on a camel. Some slaves walked in front of the king. The others followed the king. The black slave was on horseback with his master – the king.

The king had a box. It contained pearls. The box fell down in a narrow lane on the way. It broke to pieces. Pearls fell on the ground.

The king said to his slaves. “Go and take the pearl. I don’t want them anymore,” the king said.

The slaves ran to collect pearls. They took away the pearl. Kale Das did not leave his place.

He was with his master. He saved his lord. He was worried about his master’s life. He didn’t care about the pearls of the Guru. He was a real servant.

The king noticed the behavior of the servant and gave him many gifts.

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