Moral Stories in English for Class 2

I write moral stories in English for class 2 article. The students who are looking for some best moral stories for class 2 in english may read this article. I say you very politly if you are in class 2 and want to learn about something special in your life and want to learn by Moral stories.


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Moral Stories in English for Class 2

Moral Stories in English for Class 2 | Very Short English Stories

I know moral Stories increase our politeness and thinking. Because extra thinking and building a castle in the air is not good for anyone. So, always be humble do always right work and things and make your life better in school and in society.

The Greedy Lion

On a hot summer day, a lion started feeling hungry in the forest. He was starting to hunt for his food when he was met by a rabbit roaming alone. Instead of catching the rabbit, he let it go – “A little rabbit cannot satisfy my hunger like this”, he said and scoffed.

Then, a beautiful deer passed by and decided to take his chances – he ran and ran after the deer but since he was weak due to hunger, he struggled to keep up with the deer’s speed. Exhausted and defeated, the lion went back for a while in search of the hare to feed his stomach, but he left. The lion was sad and remained hungry for a long time.

Moral of the Story
Greed is never a good thing.

The Needle Tree – Moral Stories in English for Grade 2

Two brothers lived near a forest. The elder brother was very bad for the younger brother – he would finish all the food and put on all the new clothes of his younger brother. One day, the elder brother decided to go to the forest to get some firewood and sell it in the market. As he walked around, cutting trees and plants, he hit a magical tree.

The tree said, “O kind sir, please don’t cut my branches. If you leave me, I will give you apples of gold.” He agreed, but was disappointed by the number of apples the tree had given him. As greed got over him, he threatened the tree that he would cut off the entire trunk if he didn’t give him any more apples. Magical tree, Instead, the elder brother rained down on hundreds and hundreds of tiny needles.As the sun went down, the elder brother lay down on the ground moaning in pain.

The younger brother was worried and so he went in search of his elder brother. He found her lying in pain near a tree with hundreds of needles on her body. He ran to his brother and removed each needle lovingly and gently. After he finished, the elder brother apologized for ill-treating him and promised to get better. The tree saw a change in the elder brother’s heart and gave him all the golden apples he would ever need.

Moral of the Story
It is important to be kind and gracious, as it will always be rewarded.

The Crystal Ball – Moral Stories in English for Class 2

Nasir, a little boy, found a crystal ball behind a banyan tree in his garden. The tree told him that it would give him a wish. He was very happy and thought a lot, but unfortunately, he did not come up with what he wanted. So, he kept the crystal ball in his bag and waited until he decided on his wish.

Days went by without him wishing but his best friend saw him looking at the crystal ball. He stole it from Nasir and showed it to all the people of the village. They all asked for palaces and wealth and lots of gold, but could not wish for more than one.

In the end, everyone was annoyed because no one had everything they wanted. They were very sad and decided to ask Nasir for help. Nasser’s wish was for everything to be as it was before – before the villagers tried to satisfy their greed. The palace and the gold disappeared and the villagers were once again happy and content.

Moral of the Story
Money and wealth do not always bring happiness.

The Elephant and Her Friends

Once upon a time, a lone elephant entered a strange forest. This was new to her, and she was looking to make friends. She approached a monkey and said, “Hello, monkey! Would you like to be my friend?” The monkey said, “You’re too big to swing like me, so I can’t be your friend.” The elephant then went to a rabbit and asked the same question.

The rabbit said, “You’re too big to fit my bill, so I can’t be your friend.” The elephant also went to the frog in the pond and asked the same question. The frog replied, “You are too heavy to jump as high as me, so I cannot be your friend.”

The elephant was really sad because she could not make friends. Then, one day, he saw all the animals running towards the forest, and he asked a bear what the fuss was about. The bear said, “The lion is out in the open – they are running from it to protect themselves.” The elephant went to the lion and said, “Please don’t hurt these innocent people. Please leave them alone.” The lion scoffed and asked the elephant to go aside.

Then the elephant got angry and pushed the lion with all his might, injuring it. All the other animals slowly came out and started rejoicing at the defeat of the lion. They went to the elephant and told him, “You’re the perfect size to be our friend!”

Moral of the Story
A person’s size does not determine their worth.

The Proud Rose – Class 2 Moral Story in English

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful rose plant in a garden. A rose flower on the plant was proud of its beauty. However, it was disappointed that it was growing next to an ugly cactus. Every day, Rose used to insult the cactus for its looks, but the cactus kept silent. All the other plants in the garden tried to stop Rose from threatening the cactus, but Rose was so impressed by her beauty that she could not listen to anyone.

One summer, a well in the garden dried up and there was no water for the plants. The rose slowly began to wither. Rose saw a sparrow dipping its beak into the cactus for some water. At this point, Rose felt embarrassed making fun of the cactus. But because he needed water, he went to ask the cactus if it could hold some water. The kind-hearted Cactus agreed, and they both met as friends over the summer.

Moral of the Story
Never judge someone by the way they look.

The Bear and Two Friends – Short Story in English for Class 2 Competition

One day, two best friends were walking a lonely and dangerous path through a forest. As the sun began to set, they were scared but clinging to each other. Suddenly, he saw a bear on his way. One of the boys went to a nearby tree and climbed it in a jiffy. The other boy himself did not know how to climb the tree, so he lay on the ground pretending to be dead.

The bear approached the boy on the ground and sniffed around his head. Whispering something in the boy’s ear, the bear went on its way. The boy climbed the tree and asked his friend what the bear had whispered in his ear. He replied, “Don’t trust friends who don’t care about you.”

Moral of the Story
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

class 2 moral story in english

The Ant and the Dove – Short Story in English With Moral for Class 2

During the hot summer days, an ant was roaming here and there in search of water. After walking for some time he saw a river and was pleased to see it. She climbed a small rock to drink water, but she slipped and fell into the river. She was drowning but a Dove sitting on a nearby tree helped her. Seeing the ant in trouble, the Dove hurriedly dropped a leaf into the water.

The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed on it. Then the Dove carefully took out the leaf and placed it on the ground. In this way the life of the ant was saved and she was always indebted to the Dove.

The ant and the Dove became best friends and the days passed happily. But one day a hunter came in the forest. He saw the beautiful Dove sitting on the tree and aimed at the Dove with his gun. The ant that was rescued, the dove saw this and bites at the hunter’s heel. He screamed in pain and dropped the gun. The Dove was terrified by the hunter’s voice and realized what could happen to him. He flew!

Moral of the Story
A good deed never goes unrewarded.

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