The Benefits of AUC Scholarships: How to Apply and Succeed

Are you interested in studying at the University of Amsterdam but still thinking about the possibility because you don’t have financial capacity? Worry no more, dear! Here’s the antidote to the problem.


The University College of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is inviting students to apply for the Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund. The AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports excellence and diversity in the AUC student body by providing access to the AUC Scholarship Program for talented minorities and low-income students.

The AUC Stick Scholarship is fully funded through donations from several sponsors and stakeholders. With the AUC Stichting Scholarship Fund from the African Union Commission Scholarship Fund, select students may graduate from University College Amsterdam with a bachelor’s degree.

The Benefits of AUC Scholarships

AUC Scholarships are the perfect way to help you achieve your educational objectives and become a successful professional. The AUC program offers students the opportunity to gain a broad range of knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. It is ideal for people who are passionate about business and the environment.

About Amsterdam University College

The University of Amsterdam is a public liberal arts university in the Netherlands with an enrollment of about 900 students from more than 60 countries. All teaching is in Spanish.

It is a welcoming community that fosters diversity and excellence, among other initiatives, through offering scholarships through the AUC Scholarship Fund and a center of academic excellence with an international and intercultural focus, as well as (local) community outreach.

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Orascom Construction-AUC

The Orascom Construction-AUC scholarship program is available to high school graduates from public schools in eight provinces of Upper Egypt. This award offers a 15 percent reduction in tuition. AUC undergraduate programs are designed to help students understand and analyze the economics of society, business, and government. It is also focused on the development of a liberal arts education.

AUC also has a Public School Scholarship Fund (PSSF), which is intended to support an Egyptian undergraduate student from a public school. In addition to providing financial aid, PSSF expands opportunities for Egyptian students. Applicants must have an excellent academic level and demonstrate financial need. Selected students will benefit from comprehensive services for student life.

In order to be eligible for the Orascom Construction-AUC scholarship, a student must major in economics. Furthermore, they must be from an Egyptian public school, have demonstrated financial need and have excellent academic records. They must submit an application no later than two years prior to the start of the academic year.

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Place of studiesAmsterdam University College, Netherlands
Academic level to studyDegree
Study areasSciences, social sciences and humanities (liberal arts)
Study modalityface-to-face
language of instructionEnglish
Type of cooperatorUniversity
target groupNon-European students
Profits16550 EUR per year (the student has to invest approximately 6,790 euros per year to study AUC and live in the Netherlands
Call periodSeptember to April
Closing date of the current call or last callApril 1, 2023

Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund

AUC Scholarships

The Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund is a program for students from the University College of Amsterdam. It supports talented and low-income students. There are also scholarships for minority students.

In order to apply, students should have an application for admission first. Admission decisions are made in the first week of February. If you are interested in applying to the University College of Amsterdam, you should consider doing so in your final year of school. You also have a student visa.

For the AUC Scholarship, applicants need to demonstrate high academic standards and have a family income that falls below the national threshold annual amount. Scholarship is renewable. This means you can use the funds for a maximum of three years. You must have a high school diploma that is equivalent to the Dutch VWO. You can also apply if you are a non-EU citizen.

American University in Cairo program combines breadth of experience

The American University in Cairo is a new program of higher education affiliated with the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. While the name indicates that this is a bachelor’s degree-only institution, it is in fact a holistic learning experience where students can expect to take courses on a variety of topics ranging from the esoteric to the familiar. Upon completion of the program, AUC alumni may choose to continue their studies in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world. It is the only software of its kind in Europe. For starters, students have the chance to live on an international university campus. All of this for a modest fee.

As a consequence, AUC is one of the most diverse student bodies of its kind in Europe. On top of academic excellence, a good postgraduate student can also look forward to an exciting social life which may include opportunities to visit other countries and continents.

Eligibility for the AUC Scholarship Program

To be selected for an ASF Scholarship , you must meet the following requirements.

  • You have to apply for a place in the CUA. Admission to the AUC is a separate process. Only AUC students can receive an ASF scholarship.
  • You must have excellent academic results. These will be taken into account by the ASF Selection Committee when evaluating their academic performance.
  • Your application for admission to the AUC will not be displayed, but it will give you information about your GPA. If you want to inform the committee about your academic results, be sure to include it in your cover letter.
  • You must have a strong motivation to study at the AUC. The ASF selection committee will look for this in your cover letter.
  • The FSA Selection Committee will also review your extracurricular and extracurricular activities for the AUC, as well as your (potential) leadership profile and skills. Be sure to write about it in your cover letter.
  • You need to be able to demonstrate your financial needs. In other words, explain in your letter why you cannot study at CUA without a scholarship.


The University College of Amsterdam in the Netherlands invites students to apply for the AUC Stichting Scholarship Fund.

Apply if eligible.

A small reminder that it is only for the students of the University of Amsterdam.

And if by the time you read this, the deadline has passed, you can archive it and apply it next year. Best of luck!

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