Princeton University Acceptance Rate 2024

Princeton University Acceptance Rate 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2026. It is such an honor for you to come across this page. Do you know that this institute is called one of the best universities in the world? And in order for you to be admitted, you have to be ready for the competition. Getting into Princeton is difficult and competitive. Surprisingly, Princeton is nothing compared to other institutions when it comes to competition.


Princeton University is the fourth oldest university in the United States of America, established in 1746. This is an Ivy League research university. The university was ranked #16 in 2023 by the QS World Ranking. It is spread over 600 acres and has more than 200 campus buildings. Do you want to be a part of this prestigious institute? Then You Must Read This Blog On Princeton University Acceptance Rate!

Princeton University Acceptance Rate

Princeton University Acceptance Rate

The Class of 2023 has had one of the most challenging years ever for recruiting at Princeton University. For the Class of 2023, 32,804 students applied to Princeton University, out of which 1,895 students were accepted, giving an overall acceptance rate of 5.8%. Overall applications decreased by 7.3% compared to the previous year (2022 to 2023) from 35,370 to 32,804.

Princeton Acceptance Rate 2023-2026

Most of the applicants are those that have good scores but are still unable to get into the university. Princeton University’s acceptance rate is 3.8%.

Princeton University Application 2023

Princeton University is one of the fourth oldest universities in the United States of America established in 1746. Princeton University is one of the leading Ivy League private research universities in the United States of America, students from all over the world consider Princeton University to be a prestigious educational institution.

EstablishedOctober 22, 1746
University TypePrivate Research University
University MottoUnder God’s Power She Flourishes
FounderAaron Burr Sr., John Witherspoon & Jonathan Dickinson
University CityPrinceton, New Jersey
Former NameCollege of New Jersey (1746–1896)
Endowment$37.7 billion
Faculty to Student Ratio1:5
Campus Size600+ Acres
Phone Number+1 609 258 3000
Acceptance Rate5.5%
Official Website LinkPrinceton University, New Jersey

Admission Requirements In Princeton University

Princeton University Acceptance Rate 2023

Princeton University offers a variety of courses at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Some popular courses are Architecture, Biophysics, Computer Science, Economics, and Engineering. The application process at Princeton University is online, applicants can apply for more than one course as well. Before looking at Princeton University acceptance rate, here are all the basic admission requirements that every student must meet.

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Admission eligibility criteria for undergraduate courses In Princeton

  • IELTS and TOEFL are widely accepted at Princeton University with IELTS scores in the eight bands and a minimum TOEFL score of 27.
  • English language proficiency test scores are required for high school graduates.
  • Minimum high school GPA requirement ranges from 3.50 to 3.75 GPA. Students who average above a 3.75 GPA in their high school education have a better chance of getting admitted.
  • International students need to submit their financial proof
  • Students applying for undergraduate courses must be a full-time graduate from a secondary high school of a recognized study board
  • SAT scores from 1515 to 1570 and ACT scores from 34 to 35 are accepted.

Notable Alumni

  • James Creese, President of Drexel University, 1945–63
  • Alan Brinkley, Provost of Columbia University, 2003–09
  • Alonzo Church, Proved the undecidability of the Entscheidungsproblem
  • Gary Becker, Nobel Prize in Economics, 1992    
  • David A. Dodge, Chancellor of Queen’s University at Kingston, 2008–; Governor of the Bank of Canada, 2001–08
  • Mike Archer, Director of the Australian Museum, 1999–2003

Top courses offered by Princeton University

Princeton University offers top-ranked graduate and undergraduate courses and programs. Some ranked courses and programs that are very popular at Princeton are –

  1. Management
  2. Engineering
  3. Information Technology
  4. Biomedical Science
  5. English
  6. History
  7. Computer Science
  8. Physics
  9. Public Administration
  10. Business Administration

Tuition and Required Fees

Student LevelIn-stateOut-of-state

Total Undergraduate Cost

Total cost by categoryIn-stateOut-of-state
Off-campus without family$49,552$49,552
Off-campus with family$49,552$49,552

Cost of Undergraduate Attendance

Costs to ConsiderPrice
Books and supplies$1,050
On-campus room and board$15,342
On-campus other expenses$3,150

About Princeton University

The Princeton-Mercer area is a delightful area packed with amenities, including world-class hotels and convention centers, museums, historic sites, music and food festivals, and top-notch sports arenas. In addition, it is equidistant from two major metropolitan areas – New York and Philadelphia.

Princeton’s campus is located in Princeton, New Jersey, on approximately 500 acres. Located between New York and Philadelphia, it is easily accessible by public transit or vehicles. Newark Liberty International Airport is the closest and most convenient international airport to reach.

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Is GMAT or GRE necessary for admission to Princeton University?

The university requires GMAT or GRE scores for admission to the postgraduate program.

What is the amount of application fee in Princeton University?

The application fee at Princeton University depends on the course and number you choose. of courses. This can range from $70 to $95.

What is the Average Starting Salary of a Princeton Graduate?

The average starting salary can range from $68,400 – 80,00


I think you all know about Princeton University Acceptance Rate. You know about the acceptance rates of the Princeton as well as the rates for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

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