Essay On Dog In English For Students

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Essay On Dog In English (500+ Words)


The dog is a pet. The teeth of a dog are very sharp, which he uses to eat meat. It has two ears, a mouth, four legs, a tail, two eyes and a nose. It is a very clever animal. People mostly keep it in their house to catch thieves. It runs very fast, barks loudly and takes special care of strangers. You will find many types of dogs everywhere in the world. Because the more loyal and domesticated they are, there is no other animal. Their smelling power is also very fast. Dogs are mammal creatures.

Importance Of Dog

A dog has a very strong power to catch odor. They are very loyal to humans, which is one reason to like them. They are intelligent, always alert. In the world you will get to see many colored dogs whether bridesmaid, black, brown, white, brown etc. And in this also they have many types such as Greyhound, German Shepherd, Pitbull, Bloodhound, Labrador, Rotweiler , Bulldog etc.

Dogs are classified according to their function such as herring dog, guide dog, hunting dog, sniffer dog, guard dog, police dog etc. These sniffer dogs are kept in police stations, airports, borders and schools, etc.

Dog’s Care

Usually, dogs eat meat, milk, rice, fish, bread etc. If an animal is considered to be the most reliable man, then it is a dog because they are also kept as domestic pets and they are also used for police or many other tasks. If you are experiencing stress, loneliness, anxiety and depression then dogs help to reduce it.

Benefits of keeping a Dog

Dogs are so loyal to their owner that no one tempts them with anything, but they do not suffer. Human sees poor and rich but animals do not see all this. He stays with anyone, whether he is poor or rich, when dogs see their owner coming home from work, they run to them and play with them. is.

Therefore, if their owner is tired, then the dog is entertained. If a stranger or thief sneaks into the house by stealing, the dog can bite them because he is very aware of stealing in someone else’s house and runs for a bite. That is why many people raise dogs to protect their home and to make good their life. They can easily swim in water, jump from anywhere and can do many other tasks.

Dog’s life

Dogs have a very short lifespan, a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years, and it dies thereafter. In some situations, they also live longer if they are well taken care of, but it is seen that dogs of short stature live longer.

People call a puppy a puppy and a dog house is called a kennel. There is a very good quality in finding the place by smelling the smell of them, which is often used by the police to catch thieves and murderers. Dogs are trained for many types of work.


We learned from this dog’s essay that, dogs are very excellent swimmers. They are indeed one of the most useful and beneficial pets. They always respect their boss wholeheartedly and do not let them down. They easily catch any smell and detect thieves etc. So we should take good care of it and they should make good food, drink and accommodation.

Dog Essay In English 10 Lines

  1. A dog is a pet.
  2. This animal is found everywhere in the world. It is a faithful animal.
  3. People keep them in their homes for safety.
  4. The dog is seen as a descendant of the wolf.
  5. Dogs have very sharp teeth.
  6. Hundreds of species of dogs are found all over the world which are completely different from each other in color, form, and shape.
  7. Dogs have very fast hearing power, they can also hear small sounds. Along with this, the power to smell
  8. They live to the age of about 12 to 15 years.
  9. It is an omnivorous animal that can eat both bread and meat.
  10. Home-grown dogs mostly eat bread, while wild dogs live by eating meat.

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