Unseen Poem For Class 9 In English

I know that you all want to know about Unseen Poem For Class 9 In English With Questions And Answers. Because you must have got to work on English poetry in school and you must be searching many places how to find whom, then I have made this post for you.


Students of class 9 should do their preparation better because if they do not prepare well then there is a lot of problem in the upcoming board exam. Therefore, you should now study class 9 very carefully and read English Poetry Comprehension with attention and concentration.

In which I have made it with unseen poem for class 9 with questions and answers, so that you can read it and find out the answer and if you do not get the answer, then I have done the work of answering all in the last. So that you will understand things better and the poem will also be remembered.

Unseen Poem For Class 9

Tips To Solve The Unseen Poem For Class 9

  • Read the entire poem 1 or 2 times carefully so that you understand the theme of the poem.
  • After reading the question, underline the related words of the given poem so that you get the correct answer.
  • Remember that you should use your own words in your answer.
  • Write your answer simple, easy and in your own words.
  • Do not make grammatical mistakes while writing the answer.

Almost every one of you will be a student of CBSE or ICSE board, or UP Board, whoever it is, it will be very easy and helpful for all of you to remember. So let’s know about unseen poems with questions and answers for class 9.

Unseen Poem For Class 9 – Sample 1

O say what is that thing called Light,
Which I must ne’er enjoy;
What are the blessings of the sight,
O tell, you poor blind boy!
You talk of wondrous things you see;
You say the sun shines bright;
I feel him warm, but how can he make it day or night?
My day or night myself I make Whene’er I sleep or play:
And could I ever keep awake
With me ‘twere always day.
With heavy sighs, I often hear
You mouin my hapless woe;
But sure with patience, I can bear
A loss I ne’er can know.
Then let not what I cannot have
My cheer of mind destroy;
Whilst thus I sing, I am a king.
Although a poor blind boy.

Unseen Poem For Class 9 With Questions And Answers (Poem 1)

Questions :1) What is the thing which the blind boy ‘must never enjoy’?

Answer: 1) The blind boy ‘must never enjoy’ the thing called ‘Light’.

Questions :2) How does the boy make his day and night? When would it always be ‘day’ with him?

Answer: 2) The boy himself makes day or night. When he sleeps, it is night for him. When he stays awake, it is always a ‘day’ for him.

Questions :3) Why is it not so difficult for the blind boy to bear the loss of the sun?

Answer: 3) It is not so difficult for a blind boy to bear the loss of sun because he never felt the lack of sun.

Questions :4) How does the boy know that the sun is there?

Answer: 4) The boy feels the warmth of the sun and knows that the sun is there.

Unseen Poem For Class 9 – Sample 2

Have you seen a little dog anywhere about?
A raggy dog, a shaggy dog, who’s always looking out
For some fresh mischief which he thinks he really ought to do.
He’s very likely, at this minute, biting someone’s shoe.
If you see that little dog, his tail up in the air,
A whirly tail, a curly tail, a dog who doesn’t care
For any other dog, he meets, not even for himself,
Then hide your mats, and put your meat upon the topmost shelf.
If you see a little dog, barking at the cars,
A raggy dog, a shaggy dog, with eyes like twinkling stars,
Just let me know, for though he’s bad, as bad as can be;
I wouldn’t change that dog for all the treasures of the sea!

Unseen Poem With Questions And Answers Class 9 (Poem 2)

Question :1) What has happened to the poet’s dog? How do you know that?

Answer: 1. The poet’s dog is missing. The poet is asking others if anybody has seen his raggy, shaggy dog.

Question :2) How shall we know that the dog belongs to the poet if we see it on the road?

Answer: 2. The poet makes the identity of his lost dog very clear in this poem. He says that the dog looks rough and shaggy. Its eyes are like twinkling stars. This is mischievous. Its tail which is always up, is curved and curly. The dog had a habit of biting someone’s shoe and barking at cars. On the basis of these descriptions we can identify the dog and say that the dog belongs to the poet.

Question :3) What does the poet instruct others to do to avoid damage to be done by his dog?

Answer: 3. The poet says that his dog is very mischievous. He would chew away mats and eat up meat if left unattended. So he instructs others to hide their mats and put their meat upon the topmost shelf.

Question :4) In spite of all his naughtiness, what does the poet say about his dog? Why?

Answer: 4. Despite all his naughtiness, the poet says that although his dog is evil, he will not change that dog, even if he has been offered all the treasures of the sea. He says this because he loves his dog so much.

Unseen Poem For Class 9 – Sample 3

In the dark that falls before the dawn,
When the dew has settled on the thorn,
When the stars have been obscured by clouds,
A silence covers all things in shrouds.
No wind sighs in the mulberry tree,
No firefly glimmers wild and free,
A shadow has wrapped the night in gloom,
It’s silent as a deserted tomb.
All of a sudden a lapwing’s cry
Cuts the black silence as it flies by,
Again and again it slashes the dark
That haunts the empty, desolate park.
Anguish, sorrow pours from its throat,
It wings in the night, note after note;
I open my window so the light
Will flood the dark of this wretched night.
Why does it cry so miserably?
Why is it so solitary?
All I know is that loss and ache
Are left behind in the lapwing’s wake.
— Meera Uberoi

Poem Comprehension For Grade 9 With Questions And Answers (Poem 3)

  • Question 1) When darkness falls there is _______________.
    • (i) complete silence everywhere
    • (ii) a shroud covering all things
    • (iii) the crying of the lapwing to be heard
    • (iv) gloom and desolation
  • Question 2) What are the causes of the Lapwing’s misery?
    • (i) loneliness and gloom
    • (ii) loss and pain
    • (iii) darkness and loss
    • (iv) darkness and pain
  • Question 3) The lapwing’s cry fills the poet with _________ .
    • (i) longing
    • (ii) anger
    • (iii) unhappiness
    • (iv) joy
  • Question 4) When does the lapwing come out?
    • (i) at dawn
    • (ii) at night
    • (iii) just before dawn
    • (iv) in the morning
  • Question 5) Why does the poet open the window?
    • (i) he can get some light
    • (ii) he can hear the lapwing
    • (iii) he can see the lapwing
    • (iv) he can get some air.

Unseen Poem For Class 9 – Sample 4

The tigress Razia lives alone.
Her two cubs haven‟t been named.
Sheru barely played with them
And now he‟s gone, O what a shame!
Sheru was an expert on winds,
Knew how they traversed dale and hill.
And where they put up for the night
When no leaf stirred and all was still.
He knew their winds, their traffic lanes!
He knew the deer would smell him out,
If they were down – wind.
So he would belly – crawl and crouch
And take a long circular route,
Hiding behind bush and shrub.
Once he knew his scent won‟t carry,
In a flash he would erupt.
(Deer hadn‟t sniffed that thick and musty
Smell of his which people dubbed
As tiger – scent.) He got the stag,
His claw fell like a giant club
On neck and antler – both were crushed.
Now Sheru‟s gone. Not any more
Do people fear his dreaded spoor, (smell)
Pug – marked on the forest floor.
Grief and fear start competing
In Razia‟s heart. With Sheru gone,
Will the hyenas hound her cubs ?
Can she leave the little ones alone,
When she goes hunting flesh and bone ?
The tigress Razia lives in fear.
A greater dread, when will again
The poachers with their guns appear ?

Unseen Poem With Questions And Answers Class 9 (Poem 4)

  • Question: 1) “In a flash he would erupt‟ means
    • (a) roar in anger
    • (b) leap high up in the air
    • (c ) flash like lightening
    • (d) pounce on his unsuspecting prey
  • Question: 2) The tigress Razia lives alone because
    • (a) Sheru has gone
    • (b) her cubs haven‟t been named
    • (c ) she wants to live alone
    • (d) she wants to play with her cubs
  • Question: 3) With Sheru gone, Razia experiences
    • (a) happiness and pride
    • (b) anger and frustration
    • (c ) grief and fear
    • (d) excited and adventurous
  • Question: 4) Poachers are people who
    • (a) keep pets
    • (b) train animals
    • (c ) hunt animals illegally
    • (d) cure animals
  • Question: 5) Sheru would crawl on his belly because
    • (a) he wanted to play in the grass
    • (b) the deer would smell him out
    • (c ) it was very windy
    • (d) he wanted to hide from poachers

Unseen Poem For Class 9 – Sample 5

I’m leaving now to slay the foe
Fight the battles, high and low
I’m leaving, mother, hear me go!
Please wish me luck today.
I’ve grown my wings, I want to fly
Seize my victories where they tie,
I’m going Mom, but please don’t cry
just let me find my way
want to see and touch and hear
Though there are dangers, there are fears.
I’ll smile my smiles and dry my tears –
Please let me speak my say
I’m off to find my world, my dreams,
Carve my niche, sew my seams,
Remember, as I sail my streams –
I’ll love you, all the way. – Brooke Muller

Unseen Poem With Questions And Answers Class 9 (Poem 5)

Question : 1) What promise does the young man give to his mother?

Answer: 1) The young man promises his mother that though there are dangers and fears, he would go ahead smilingly drying his tears and get what he wants.

Question : 2) What does the word ‘grown’ signify?

Answer: 2) In this poem the word ‘grown’ signifies ‘acquired by efforts’.

Question : 3) Why does the young man request his mother to wish him luck?

Answer: 3) The young man requests his mother to wish him good luck because he was going to the battlefield to fight against the enemies.

Question : 4) What is the ambition of the young man?

Answer: 4) The young man wanted to fly and seize victories wherever they lie. He wanted to find his own way and carve his niche.

Unseen Passage For Class 9 With Questions And Answers Images

Poem Comprehension For Grade 9 With Questions And Answers
Unseen Poem For Class 9 with Questions And Answers

Unseen Poem For Class 9 Questions And Answers PDF

So if you want to read unseen poem for class 9 in english pdf and read it later or you want unseen poem for class 9 worksheet for cbse board then you can download it by clicking on the link given below.

Unseen Poem for class 9 – FAQ

Q: 1) How do we get high marks in class 9 unseen poetry?

Before reading the poem, study the question. After that, read the poem and highlight the word that relates to the question to you and a line before that word and a line after it. With this strategy, you will be able to solve most of the question and score high in your exam.

Q: 2) What is the difference between seen and unseen poetry for class 9?

A scene poem is a poem that you have already read and know what is in it. Whereas in unseen poetry, you are not familiar with the poem and do not know what is in it.

Final Words

Now, I think you all know about best Unseen Poem For Class 9 English. By practicing these unseen poems you can get good marks in your class 9 CBSC or ICSE exam. If you have any questions regarding this then comment below

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