The Story of Ali Baba In English

Hello friends, as you all know, we like stories very much. The story helps us to live a new life and make our life better, so in this form, I have prepared The Story of Ali Baba which you must read.

The Story of Ali Baba

The Story Of Ali Baba


The events of this story revolve around a person called Ali Baba and his intelligent wife, Morgana, who are living in one of the cities of Persia. Ali Baba was living in poverty, destitution, and need, while his brother Qasim lived a life full of prosperity, prosperity, money, and glory after he married the daughter of a large, wealthy merchant and enjoyed life. His wealth was over, and Qasim did not care about his brother Ali Baba’s needs, as he was working in trade while his brother was barely making ends meet by selling the firewood he was collecting on the back of his weak donkey.

Ali Baba once went out to gather firewood with his donkey, and he sat down to rest for a while after he became tired. However, the sound of horses’ hooves coming from afar terrified him, so he ran, hiding behind a nearby rock. While he was hiding, he saw a group of masked thieves heading to a large cave with a large rock covering its door. Inside a mountain, and when the thieves reached the cave, they said: “Open, Sesame.” The mountain split open and a cave full of gold, jewels, and money was opened for them. They entered it and collected what they had collected on the backs of their horses and left, and the cave closed its door after them.

Ali Baba waited until the thieves had left, filled with astonishment. He decided to try to open this magical cave to enjoy what was in it. Indeed, the mountain split open again and the cave opened its door after Ali Baba said his magic sentence, “Open, Sesame,” and began filling his pockets and what was on his donkey’s back. Baskets of gold coins and jewels filled him with joy, and then he returned home to tell what had happened to him to his dear wife, Morgana.

Ali Baba sent Morgana to borrow a bushel from his brother Qasim, but that made Qasim’s evil wife suspicious, as Ali Baba did not have anything to measure it with, so why did he want the bushel? Qasim’s wife thought of a clever trick to reveal this man’s matter, so she put honey at the bottom of the bushel to find out what Ali Baba wanted to measure. When Ali Baba returned the bushel to Qasim’s wife, she looked at it and saw a coin stuck to it. She was surprised by this and prompted her husband, Qasim, to go. To his brother to find out his secret.

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Qasim tricked Ali Baba with sweet talk until he learned the secret of the cave, but he promised him not to go there alone. However, his greed made him break his promise and head to the cave with a group of mules laden with baskets to fill it with whatever jewels and money he could. Qasim was able to enter the cave after saying “Open, Sesame,” and he spent a very long time hoarding gold and carrying all the money and jewels he could, when he felt that he had to get out of this cave, he had forgotten the magic phrase, so he started trying and saying, “Open, Bumpm,” “Open, O flour,” and many more. Other attempts did not succeed, and while Qasim was in the cave, the thieves came and saw him there, so they attacked him, killed him, and threw him to the ground.

Ali Baba went out to search for his brother when he disappeared for a long time, and when he found him dead, he cried for him intensely and took him to bury him. When the thieves returned to the cave the next day and did not find Qasim’s body, they knew that he had an accomplice, so they began searching for someone who had died in the city recently, and he knew someone. The thieves said that Qasim had a brother called Ali Baba and that he must be his partner, so he put a sign in white chalk on the door of his house so that the rest of the thieves would identify him and attack him at night. However, the smart Morgana realized their plan and put similar signs on the rest of the houses in the city, so the thieves lost track of him, but they searched for him again and found him.

They lodged with him as guests using the trick of an oil merchant carrying forty jars who had been stranded. He stayed as a guest at Ali Baba’s, who did not know that each of these jars thief had hidden in them to attack him. The guest descended on Ali Baba’s house and placed the jars of oil in the backyard until The time for the plan had come, but the clever Morgana was again alerted to their trick when she heard a whisper coming from one of the jars saying, “Is it time?” So she ran and brought heavy stones with which she closed the mouths of the jars until the thieves died of suffocation in them, while she told Aladdin about his guest’s evil plan and showed him the dagger that he carried on his waist to kill him, so he got rid of it, and Ali Baba and Morgana lived a prosperous life full of happiness and contentment.

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