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Hi, I know many of you finding the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Solutions Books pdf file. So, I create this post to provide you best and all the NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 7 Maths in English and Hindi language. If you study in grade 7 then this NCERT Exemplar Solutions helps you a lot to gain marks in your exam.

Download NCERT Sample Maths Solutions with Answers for Class 7 in English Medium Hindi in PDF. The quiz design has also been published in NCERT Exemplar Solutions Books for Class 7 Maths.

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths Solutions

NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths Full Book with Solutions PDF Download

NCERT Maths Exemplar Solutions for Class 7 provide a comprehensive overview of the weightage given to different topics, content, units, and chapters. The blueprint and answers for the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Solutions book are available for free download. These solutions offer detailed explanations and help students in understanding and solve Maths problems effectively.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths English PDF Download


NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths English Answer Link – CLICK HERE

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NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths In Hindi PDF Download


NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths Hindi English Answer Link – CLICK HERE

Download NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths PDF

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Questions & Solutions aims to give students a rich collection of practice questions. After completing the textbook questions, students are advised to practice these NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 7 Mathematics. NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 7 Maths covers the syllabus defined by the CBSE board. NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths questions have been provided by chapters:

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Infographic
Chapter No.Chapter NameLink
1IntegersDownload PDF
2Fractions and DecimalsDownload PDF
3Data HandlingDownload PDF
4Simple EquationsDownload PDF
5Lines and AnglesDownload PDF
6TrianglesDownload PDF
7Comparing QuantitiesDownload PDF
8Rational NumbersDownload PDF
9Perimeter and AreaDownload PDF
10Algebraic ExpressionsDownload PDF
11Exponents and PowersDownload PDF
12Practical Geometry Symmetry and Visualising Solid ShapesDownload PDF
AnswersDownload PDF

About NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 1 – Integers

Students receive reviews of previous concepts about operations with whole numbers and will study more about whole numbers, their properties, and operations.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 2 – Fractions and Decimals

Students will learn operations with fractions and decimals. They will learn the multiplication of fractions by fractions, fractions with decimals, whole numbers with decimals, and other operations involving the multiplication of fractions and decimals.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 3 – Data Management

Data management is the presentation of unstructured data in an organized manner using graphs or tables. This chapter will teach you how to collect and organize data, representative values, find the mean and median, the mode of a range of data, the use of bar graphs, and many other data representing concepts.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 4 – Simple Equations

Simple equations are simple statements that have the same symbol between two algebraic expressions with the same value. Some of the essential topics discussed in this chapter are the substitution and application of simple equations to problems.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 5 – Lines and Angles

Students will learn about related angles such as complementary, complementary, adjacent, perpendicularly opposite, etc. They will also learn about pairs of lines, lines of intersection, transversals, and related topics.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 6 – Triangles

A triangle is a polygon that has three vertices or three sides. In this lesson, students learn about the median, altitude, exterior angle, and properties of a triangle. They also learn about the Pythagorean property of right triangles and are introduced to triangle congruence.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 7 – Comparison of Quantities

You can compare two or more ratios by converting them to fractions. Here students will learn topics related to ratios such as equivalent ratios, converting fractions and decimals to percentages and vice versa.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 8 – Rational Numbers

A rational number is a number that can be expressed as a fraction of two integers, where the denominator cannot be zero. Since the denominator can be 1, the integers are considered rational numbers. In this chapter, students learn about positive and negative rational numbers, graphing rational numbers on a number line, standard form of rational numbers, comparing rational numbers, and operations that can be performed on the rational numbers. rational numbers.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 9 – Perimeter and Area

The perimeter is the distance or boundary around a shape. In turn, area is the area or region that a figure occupies. In this chapter, students will learn about different shapes such as squares, rectangles, and triangles, find the area and perimeter of all kinds of shapes, and find the circumference of a circle.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 10 – Algebraic Expressions

A mathematical expression consisting of variables, numbers, and their operations is called an algebraic expression. The value of this expression changes according to the value of the variables. Students will learn new words such as monomials, binomials, trinomials, and polynomials. In addition, they will learn to add and subtract two expressions of this type and to find the values of algebraic expressions.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 – Exponents and Powers

An exponent is the product of a rational number multiplied by itself several times. They are like the sum of large numbers. While a power is the number of times a number is multiplied by itself. Students will learn to multiply and divide powers with the same base and rules related to powers.

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Chapter 12 – Applied Geometry, Symmetry and Solid Visualization

For the sake of consistency, the topics covered in this chapter will be the review from the previous class. In addition, new concepts in practical geometry, symmetry, and visualization of solid shapes will be introduced. Flat shapes and solids, faces, edges, vertices of a shape, recognizing and understanding three-dimensional shapes, drawing solids on a flat surface, and many other topics will be covered here.

Why Should You Learn from NCERT Exemplar for Class 7 Maths?

  • The available solutions provide students with the opportunity to practice a variety of questions from the textbook.
  • By utilizing these solutions, students can assess their understanding of the concepts covered in the textbook.
  • These solutions have been meticulously prepared by highly experienced experts to cater to the student’s abilities.

Why NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Book is Important

The NCERT Exemplar Books for Class 7 Maths covers all the important topics and concepts prescribed in the NCERT curriculum and CBSE Class 7 Maths syllabus. All the topics and concepts are explained in easy to understand language. Class 7 Maths Exemplar Books help in building a strong foundation on all the concepts. Most of the questions asked in the annual exam are completely from Class 7 Maths NCERT Books Solutions.

The Class 7 Maths Chapter wise NCERT Exemplar Books PDF is available here for the students so that they can be offline even without using the internet. Apart from CBSE NCERT Books, LearnCBSE is also providing students with NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths Solutions, where they can get solutions or answers to all the questions present in each chapter’s exercises, text and miscellaneous questions.


What are equivalent ratios, and how can they be determined?

Equivalent ratios are ratios that represent the same comparison. They can be determined by multiplying or dividing both parts of the ratio by the same number.

How do you convert a fraction to a decimal and vice versa?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator. To convert a decimal to a fraction, write the decimal as a fraction with a denominator of 10, 100, etc.

What is the importance of understanding positive and negative rational numbers?

Understanding positive and negative rational numbers helps represent values above and below zero. It is important in various mathematical and real-life scenarios.

How can rational numbers be graphed on a number line?

Rational numbers can be graphed on a number line by placing them at their corresponding positions. Positive numbers go to the right, negative numbers to the left.

What is the standard form of a rational number, and why is it significant?

The standard form of a rational number is when the numerator and denominator have no common factors. It is significant for comparing and performing operations on rational numbers.

As I think now you all get the pdf file of NCERT Exemplar Book Class 7 Maths Solutions. If you want to ask any questions then comment below and also share this post with your friends.

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